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Oxford Awarded £4m in Grants for New Research in Literature and Science

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Professor Sally Shuttleworth has been awarded two major research grants, totalling £4m, in the interdisciplinary field of science and culture.   The first, an Advanced Investigator grant from the European Research Council, is for Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth-Century Perspectives’.    This research will explore the medical, literary and cultural responses in the Victorian age to the perceived problems of stress and overwork, anticipating many of the preoccupations of our own era.   The second is a large collaborative grant from the AHRC on Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the 19th and 21st Centuries’, with co-investigators Dr Gowan Dawson of the University of Leicester, and Dr Chris Lintott in Oxford’s Astrophysics Department (and founder of the large internet based citizen science project, Zooniverse) .    The project brings together historical and literary research in the nineteenth century with contemporary scientific practice, looking at the ways in which patterns of popular communication and engagement in nineteenth-century science can offer models for current practice.  Three major scientific institutions are partners in the project: the Natural History Museum, London; the Royal Society; and the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons.

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