Literature and Science, Oxford

A news and information hub for studies in literature and science at Oxford

Useful Links

Seminars and Discussion

Oxford Literature and Science Seminar Series

Oxford History of Science Seminar Series

Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine Seminar Series

Research Centres and Scholarly Associations

Constructing Scientific Communities

Diseases of Modern Life

Oxford Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine

British Society for Literature and Science

TORCH – The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

University of Reading’s Interdisiplinary Research into the Humanities and Science 

University of Durham’s Centre for Medical Humanities Blog

Centre for the Study of Science and Imagination (SCIMAG), University of Westminster

British Association for Victorian Studies

British Association for Modernist Studies

British Association for Romantic Studies

British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies


Journal of Literature and Science

Literature and Medicine

British Journal for the History of Science

Journal of the History of Biology

Medical Humanities

Museums and Exhibition Spaces

Oxford Museum of the History of Science

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Oxford Ashmolean Museum

Pitt-Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

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